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Shalom Zone Community, Inc. developed a program to provide affordable housing to grandparents who have been left with the care and responsibility of raising their grandchildren due to the parents inability because of incarceration, negligence, drugs, etc.

Shalom Zone Community, Inc., through its Shalom Zone Educational and Cultural Development Program,

offers tutoring, homework assistance, and art programs to children and youth in the Central City neighborhood. Activities that promote self-esteem, character building, and strong community values are an integral component of the program. We strive to instill in our children a respect for learning and a desire for a quality of life that is free of drugs, crime, and other social ills that would be a detriment to their becoming productive and contributing members of society.



Hurricane Recovery


After Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, our communities experienced destruction and devastation.  We formed a Hurricane Recovery program, the United Saints, to response to the growing needs of our communities. The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to homeowners and residents during the rebuilding process. Our approach to restoring and rebuilding home and churches is non-invasive and sensitive to financial needs.  We have restored over 1,000 properties with both local and global volunteers. 




2309 Dryades St.

New Orleans, LA 70133

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