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 In 1992, the General Conference of the United Methodist Church mandated that all United Methodist churches create Communities of Shalom.  This mandate was created in response to the 1991 Los Angeles uprising following the not guilty verdict in the Rodney King case.

The purpose of Shalom communities is to promote peace, work to eliminate poverty and inequality, and renew spirituality.


In 1996, First Street United Methodist Church established Shalom Zone Community, Inc. as part of the Genereal Conference of the United Methodist Church.  In 2001, Shalom Zone Community Inc. obtained it's 501 (c) 3 status and became a non-profit.  Shalom Zone's mission is to serve as a resource to facilitate economic empowerment, promote peace and guide spiritual reconciliation for residents located in the Central City community of New Orleans, LA.


The mission of Shalom Zone is carried out through three distinct yet connected initiatives: Housing, Education, and Hurricane Recovery.

The Housing Program provides resources and supports grandparents who are in need of affordable housing and caring for their grandchildren.  The Education Program provides activities that promote academics, social development, and cultural awareness. The Hurricane Recovery project assists residents in rebuidling their homes that were impacted by Hurricane Rita and Katrina.


For more information about our programs, please visit the Programs page.








The program is in need of support.  We are continually searching for financial and other support to sustain our programming.  We have provided programming as possible, with limited funds and capacity.  The following are a few highlights of recent events:


  • Youth attended the Children's Book Festival sponsored by Ruby Bridges and and New Orleans' First Lady, Cheryl Landrieu.

  • Clifton Faust, Photography Instructor, arranged for the youth to go to the Contemporary Arts Center to see the world's largest photograph. The youth learned how to replicate the process by transforming a room into a camera. 

  • Youth attended Breakfast with Santa and Jazzfest.


To support the Central City New Orleans community and help sustain our programming, please visit the Donate page.

2309 Dryades St.

New Orleans, LA 70133

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